Our People

Our People

We call it the City Paper family.

We tell our story through paper, promotional products, printing and more — but what really sets us apart is our team. When you choose City Paper, you’re choosing a knowledge base that goes back generations — literally. We’re family-owned, (many of our staff are literally family), and every person who works here is valued at that very same level. When our staff know they are valuable to us, that their skills are important and that they have the opportunity to grow in their jobs, they can do the best work for our clients. That’s why you’ll read testimonials about our staff going the extra mile, staying at work late, keeping up with all the important details to give not just adequate but truly amazing service to our clients. We work together here. We create together. We truly bring our lives into our work, and that makes the work so much better for you.

We’re a community; we’re a tribe of professionals dedicated to doing the best work every single time. We’re committed to being welcoming. To being helpful. To staying true to our principles and keeping our promises.

We are City Paper. Welcome to the family.

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