Amy Clark

Vice President of CP Studios

No two work days are the same for Amy Clark: In her role as Creative Director, she’s juggling the marketing team and design team along with overseeing pretty much any task that’s creativity-heavy. Amy’s favorite part of the job is watching her art, which she finessed by gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham, come to life on the branded products created by City Paper Company.

Amy Clark Photo


Some of Amy’s favorite ways to spend an evening include binge watching Harry Potter, re-reading the Outlander series for the millionth time or catching a quick bite to eat at her guilty pleasure of Al’s Deli. She has three rescued fur babies: Scout the cat, who enjoys stealing City Paper Company bags, Clara Bow the Jack-Russell shih-tzu mix, who’s a natural herder, and Ozzie, the lab mix who loves nothing more than a quick roll in the mud.
Amy Clark Photo

Snapshots from Amy

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