Ala Ismail

Packaging & Production Art Director

Ala’s days as Production Artist and Photographer are always an adventure, with daily tasks ranging in everything from editing videos to working on social media posts. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Alabama Birmingham comes in handy when she’s handling creative tasks like designing for clients or taking marketing photographs.

Ala Ismail Photo

Cool Crafter

Ala enjoys spending her free time baking the day away making yummy desserts, working on crafts and spending time with family, her three siblings and parents. When she’s not in the office, you can often find Ala at enjoying brunch at First Watch or adventuring around Birmingham.
Ala Ismail Photo

Snapshots from Ala

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Ala Ismail Snapshot 2
Ala Ismail Snapshot 3
Ala Ismail Snapshot 4