Trey Schaefer

Senior Account Executive

When it comes to Trey's favorite things, nothing beats spending quality time with his wife and cheering on their three boys at sports events. And if you're wondering if Trey will commit to his role as sales rep; well, there was that time he dressed up as a giant inflatable mascot for a promotional event, and let's just say it was a memorable experience for both Trey and the onlookers!

As a seasoned sales rep in the promo industry for over 20 years, Trey is thrilled to expand his expertise into retail packaging, adding yet another tool to his belt of solutions for clients.

Trey  Schaefer Photo

Outdoorsy Promo Vet

I also love unwinding at the lake, whether it's fishing, wakeboarding, or just soaking up the sun. In my downtime, you can find me engrossed in a good book, tuning into podcasts or jamming out to Mumford & Sons.
Trey  Schaefer Photo

Snapshots from Trey

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