Whether it’s a charity couples game or a Pro-Am qualifier, golf events can draw a crowd. According to the Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA), there are over 800,000 golf tournaments held annually, and while the average event only raises about $5,000, the bigger events can raise up to $300,000. Making sure the event goes off without a hitch is a difficult task, but with proper preparation, the execution may not be as difficult as you may think. Here are just a few ways to ensure your golf event is a successful outing for you and the participants.

Golf Clubs

A golfer’s clubs are like an extension of their body. Some are passed down from older generations while some are crafted to perfectly fit the player’s hands. Although, there are also those who will just show up to the golf course and use a rental set of clubs; kind of a Happy Gilmore situation, or the guy that just tries it to see if he likes the game and turns out to be really good. So for your tournament, why not provide the player with a new golf club?

Golf Tees

What’s something that no golfer can ever have too many of? No, not the John Daly cocktail; that could get ugly real fast. It’s golf tees, and if you’ve ever golfed or known someone who has, the golf tee is something one can never run out of. They’ll have some floating around in every zipper pocket of their bag and for some reason there’s always one in their pocket - like someone’s grandfather with a Werther’s Original.

Golf Balls

The golf ball is serious business to golfers. There is such a wide variety of golf balls in the market. Some of them are built to have more hang time, some are made to have more weight, and as always, there are some that are just your run of the mill golf ball. Regardless of your skill set, provide your event with name brand golf balls such as ProV1, Wilson Ultra, or even Nike, for the players to use.

Golf Shirts

Golf apparel has evolved for the better and that’s something that we can all agree on. Gone are the days of plaid pants, odd colored collared shirts, and those ridiculous hats. Luckily we’ve progressed towards better shirts if anything. Today’s golf shirts are made with performance in mind and make the perfect giveaway to your audience.
Golf’s increased popularity as a pastime, as well as a social event, gains the attention of a variety of players and spectators. In 2014, businesses and corporations spent $70 Billion in golfing events, and the charitable impact was over $4 billion with over 143,000 events and 12 million participants.

If you’re planning an event or thinking of participating in an event,consider these industries who most likely have employees who enjoy playing the game:

  •  Corporate businesses
  • Small businesses
  • Non-profit
  • Schools
  • Healthcare
  • Construction

Just think - a good golf gift has a high perceived value and even if the recipient doesn’t play, the quality of the gift does not unnoticed. Golf culture has become a popular look for many people as an everyday style, but in the eyes of an avid golfer, the addition of a new piece of gear is a big score. A golf event can seem like a daunting task to undertake, but with the proper preparations and a few enticing prize giveaways, you have the opportunity to draw quite the crowd and provide a great event for your spectators and participants.