Everyone has that dream beach destination. The warm, white sand beaches packed with people soaking up the sun in beach chairs just at the water’s edge.The smell of suntan lotion mixed with the salty air. Kids playing beach games while running between people brushing the sand off of their towels. This is prime real estate for your brand to be seen and with so many branding opportunities, you can cover almost every aspect of someone’s beach experience.

Working with your medium can provide some fairly unique opportunities for branding elements if done correctly. Using what you’re given can make a more lasting impression than a billboard or sign and can sometimes be cheaper than you would expect.

Beach Towels

What’s the one thing that people seem to buy every year before the big beach trip even though they probably already have ten shoved in the back of a closet? That’s right, beach towels. It’s such a simple purchase for people because everyone needs a towel at the beach. Beach towels make great gifts and allows your brand to hitch a ride to the shore -  whether they’re used for drying off or tossing an extra one in the bag because you know one of the kids will forget theirs like they always do. Like, seriously, you tell them fifteen times to grab a towel and they still forget it. What’s the point? Plus, a beach towel has been time and time again named the least likely promotional product to be thrown away.

Sun Protection

One thing that mothers are always concerned with at the beach is the amount of sunscreen their kids have on. Sunburn is a serious threat for people of all ages. With branded bottles of sunscreen, you can remind customers of your company while they’re applying enough liquid sweatshirt to their child to ensure that the sun doesn’t stand a chance.


Another vital part of the well-oiled beach gear machine is a pair of sunglasses. Who doesn’t love sunglasses? Well, besides people who wear regular glasses, there aren’t many people. Several people don’t want to take an expensive pair of sunglasses to the beach for fear of their ultimate demise, but you can offer an alternative to those designer shades without fear of sacrificing the better pair. 

Beach Bags

There are those that are prepared for the beach and those who are not. Plain and simple. Those who are prepared have everything in a beach specific bag with more than enough supplies for a day at the shore. Those who are not prepared are the ones that bring everything down in twelve separate bags, some of which come from the local pharmacy, and still forget some of the most important things. A really sweet beach bag changes all that and allows the woefully unprepared to say good riddance to those grocery store plastic bags for good. The good thing about these bags is that almost everyone has one, and their promotional abilities are working too. Fifty percent of U.S. consumers say that they do own a promotional bag, and the best part is that these bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item out there. Like, upwards of 5,700 impressions per year.

Beach Games

You always see groups of kids playing games on the beach, whether they’re just throwing a beach ball at the youngest child or something more sophisticated like bocce ball, there needs to be something to keep them occupied so the adults can relax. With something like a beach ball, use the medium as ad space and provide your customers with branded beach balls for some fun in the sun. Provide the children with the game and reach the parents with your brand on the game.

Vacationers spend excessive amounts of money on beach items every year, so providing them with shore ready products is something that they can not only use, but cherish. Making life easier for someone on vacation seems like something that isn’t really possible, but providing them with products designed specifically for their beach vacation is something that they can greatly appreciate.