Getting on the green may be the goal of golfers, but it’s also ideal for every sponsor. The green is where a majority of the spectators will gather, so it’s no surprise that this is the main stage for those with branded materials to be seen. It’s one thing to get your name on the green, but are you making the most of this opportunity? By utilizing different mediums, you can better your chances of being remembered once you’re seen.

For the Players

Don’t just assume that the audience is the most impressionable group at golfing events. Those participating are just as influenceable as those watching. Think about providing golfers with golf balls with your logo on it to keep the players thinking of your brand - keeping you on par with the rest of their sponsors.

Another option is branded golf gloves that can bear your company’s name or image. Most golfers will wear at least one glove for added grip; that is unless they’re super old school and still wear baby blue plaid pants.

For When Performance Matters

Golf clothing isn’t what it used to be...thankfully. Today, there’s performance apparel that enhances play and keeps you comfortable. Plus, many golfers have a drawer full of these shirts. Providing players with branded performance apparel puts your business front and center throughout the links.

Headwear is another necessity for golfers. As anyone who’s ever played knows, staring down the fairway into the blinding sun can really hinder your swing. A hat bearing a branded image or logo can make quite the impression. Forty one percent of U.S. consumers say that they own promotional headwear and with that headwear, a total of 3,136 impressions will be made over the lifetime of the hat, which is pretty incredible when you think about how common a hat can be. A sweet visor and some cool shades are easy way for getting your brand on the links while also protecting players from the sun’s harmful rays.

These are just a few basic ideas designed to help position your brand for greatness at a golf event. Whether teeing up at the final hole or standing on the sidelines as a co worker sinks a putt, useful items that players and spectators need at a golf event are a great opportunity for brands to make a memorable impression.