An office can be a place where eco-friendly dreams go to die. Think about it, styrofoam coffee cups, piles of non-recycled paper, and plastic water bottles that get thrown into the trash. Okay, take a step back for a second and breathe, because it’s going to be okay. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Desk accessories and office supplies make their impressions in the workplace, because about 61% of all supplies stay in the office. So considering branded supplies that promote an eco-friendly approach are much more influential than you may think. Providing your office with recycled and alternative material supplies could potentially be the turning point for your office. That small change to a recycled item could spark a change in the whole office to change their waste habits.  Helping out the planet feels good and knowing that you’ve made a change feels even better. Help give your company a positive boost by being the change toward a greener, more eco-friendly office space.

The positive impact an eco-conscious company may also have a positive impact on your clients.  If your clients admire your environmentally friendly office space, they’re likely to appreciate your efforts.  Hopefully, the respect they have for what you’re implementing will translate into better business for you and the good habits are passed on.

Beverage Containers

Whether it be the one who hammers coffee all day long or the person who has to have their diet sodas, there’s one in every office. Instead of allowing them to go through plastic bottles and styrofoam cups like a madman, provide them with a reusable beverage container to eliminate the need for excessive waste. Some businesses, in an attempt to reduce the amount of waste due to styrofoam and plastic bottles, provide their employees and staff with reusable water bottles and coffee cups to help promote a more eco-friendly attitude. Most of these reusable bottles and cups are recycled items made from 100% biodegradable and BPA plastics.

Office Supplies

Forty one percent of U.S. consumers say that they own promotional office and desk supplies and everyone knows that one person in the office that is running a monopoly on them. Need a stamp? Boom, they have it. Oh, you need to borrow a sticky note? Here you go, how about your own pad? They’re always prepared for any situation that may require supplies. Take them in a new direction and provide them with the same quality products but ones that are made from recycled materials. Everyday office supplies like sticky notes can be made in a eco-friendly way out of recycled paper or other recycled materials. Even things like a letter opener have an alternative that’s made out of corn plastic.

With a multitude of other options, it’s a no brainer to supply your company with the tools to further your eco-friendly work environment. The items in this list only represent a small portion of the eco-friendly promotional products that can help you make an impact on the environment. Transforming your office space into an eco-friendly space is now way easier than you’ve ever dreamed it could be.