Imagine this, you’re sitting in the backyard with friends and family, the smell of charcoal and bug spray fill the air, the tiki torches flicker as the sun begins to set. Your neighbor reaches into the cooler to retrieve another cold one as the burgers sizzle. Now come back to reality for one second and think about how many details your brain put into that scenario. There are so many branding opportunities and we just don’t realize it until we’re actually in the moment.

Each year, Americans host 2.6 billion barbecue events and by taking advantage of certain elements of something as simple as a backyard barbecue can make your brand standout while sparking conversation about your company. 

BBQ Tools & Aprons

Eighty three percent of Americans, about seventy four million households, own barbecue grills and there’s always one self-identified “grill master” in every family and there’s no denying that, because they’re the reason that the food is always done thirty minutes after they said it would be because it had to be the perfect temperature. They come prepared with an arsenal of spatulas and meat forks that are always at the ready. Equip these kings and queens of ‘que with a set of branded barbecue tools that can create a lasting impression on the chef and the ones they’re feeding.

Picnic Baskets and Versatile Picnic Blankets

One major part of the picnic is the blanket and the basket. Give people a reason to get rid of that old blanket they’ve been using by offering a versatile picnic blanket that bears your company’s image. The same goes for the basket. A picnic basket needs to be big enough to hold all of your food, but sturdy enough to take the wear and tear that goes along with being outdoors. A good, solid, picnic basket can offer up a way for your brand to be present for all the outdoor meals and the ensuing conversations to be had after the meal is over.

Pull Up a Chair

There’s nothing worse than running out of seating at a party and scrambling around to find something to support a grown person’s weight. Even worse is when you’re outside and some are forced to sit on the ground.  And, don’t even let us get started with someone sitting on the cooler! Eliminate that tragic possibility by offering a full line of personalized and branded chairs to make sure everyone has a seat.

Coolers and Koozies

Now, there are several things to take into account here, because hot drinks do not make for happy guests. One of the most crucial parts of any cookout are the beverages, and keeping the drinks cold can be the difference in a successful party and a disaster. We probably all have coolers that we take to parties, but are they performing as well as they should from a branding standpoint? A branded cooler can keep your company in the minds of thirsty partygoers whenever they return for another.

Another piece of drinking temperature regulating technology is the coveted koozie. Keeping your drink cold and your hand warm, the koozie is a testament to man’s ingenuity and what better way to pay homage and enjoy a frosty beverage than with a branded koozie to keep you in the mix. 

Setting the bar for the perfect backyard barbecue seems like an unattainable goal, but with the tips and products listed here, you’ll rule the ‘que with an iron fist. Making sure that all facets of the par-tay are taken care of ensures that your guests remain happy and that you can focus on your good time. So grab a koozie, your favorite chair, and settle in for a relaxing evening with friends, neighbors, and whoever else decides to show up once they hear the sounds of pop tops and food on the grill.