Review of FitBit’s article – “Your Boss Cares About Your Health and Happiness—Really”

If you’re not talking to our clients about wellness programs, you are missing an opportunity that resonates with executive team members.  A recent study conducted by FitBit determined that 80 percent of the CEOs surveyed see corporate wellness programs playing a key role in reducing stress at work.

Besides the obvious results of wellness programs being fewer sick days and lower insurance cost, the FitBit survey concluded that healthier employees result in more bottom-line revenue.  Think about it, the better you feel on a Monday morning, the more productive your Monday afternoon will be.

The survey also concluded that wellness programs reduce more stress than employers hosting social events for employees. An estimated 80% of all doctor visits are due to a stressful work environment.  Stress caused from work is linked to nearly 120,000 deaths per year.

Employers want not only healthy, but happy employees.  A happy employee that takes care of themselves is going to be more likely to be satisfied with their job.  A satisfied, happy AND healthy employee will not be looking for a career change.  It’s vital to the substantial growth of a company to maintain a healthy workplace.

The moral of the story, a happy employee is a likely result of a healthy employee.  Survey concluded that a healthy employee will be more productive, creating more revenue.  Share the graphic on the following page with your clients about the results of the long-term benefits of wellness programs.

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