One of the easiest ways to be environmentally mindful is to use recycled products. Number 11 of Huffington Post’s 15 Ways to Be Environmentally friendly is to buy recycled products. Companies that are doing their part to “save the planet” are likely to gain respect from potential and current clients as well as employees.  One of the myths surrounding the eco-friendly push is that there must be a tradeoff in environmental sustainability and economic growth.  Since environmentally friendly products can be more expensive, smaller companies may be reluctant to spend the extra money to buy the “green” product.  However, Huffington Post reports that the companies that do more demonstrate they are committed to advancing the well-being of our planet have experienced growth.  It is easier for potential clients to trust the business within question if they are giving away recycled, sustainable or biodegradable products.

The eco-friendly, go-green trend took off so quickly in our industry that the infrastructure of manufacturing products overseas has had a hard time not only keeping up, but creating regulations for what being a “green products” should require.

Since the trend to “go green” began, not all suppliers are truthful in their way of marketing “green” products.  It is important to do research on products presented to clients to ensure the “green-ness” of products.  Counselor magazine reported a list of questions that to ask any supplier before placing an order for a product that’s marketed as eco-friendly.

Was the environment damaged in any way to make this product?
What was the carbon footprint in the making of this product?
Was the product made in the U.S., or did the manufacturer have to use air freight to ship the item from an overseas plant?
In what kind of factory was the product made?