From the pen we use to the coffee mug we drink out of, all the way down to the watch we wear, one may not even realize how retail trends affect your buying decisions.  Retail stores and retail brand names have the power to shape the color of our jacket, the design of our backpack and the case of our iPads.

How exactly is the promotional products industry impacted by the retail market?  We've broken down just a few of the biggest influencers below.


According to the, the colors for Spring and Summer 2016, are influenced by art, global design and the "desire to disconnect from technology and unwind."  Colors focus on "the beauty of natural resources" resulting in products and collections that are tranquil, relaxing and reflective.

Colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.

Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute
"With Cuba and other destinations south of the border top of mind, designers are playing with courageous color statements that aren't afraid to be vibrant but at the same time are combined with quieting, classic and more natural tones."

color report

Promotional products are reflecting the colors of the season much like the below items, which include: Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, a Rose Gold Geometric-shaped Coffee Tumbler, and Leather Journal Book and Pen Gift Sets.

bluetooth wireless headphones                    rose gold geometric tumbler  journal books


There seems to be some irony in the idea that the colors of the season are promoting the idea of disconnecting while the world seems to want to be more technologically intertwined than ever.  Tech has clearly taken over retail.  Wearable tech items now calculate miles walked in a day, our REM sleep and standing heart rate.  Even festivals and concerts today have "charging stations" added to their menu of revenue-streaming sponsorship opportunities.  The days without Instagram, Snapchat or mobile shopping for groceries are gone.  So it's only fitting that promo suppliers started taking notice of how to maximize on our need for connectivity.  Featured below from left to right are: Juicebox Battery Pack, the Be Active Fitness Tracker, and a Wooden Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

juice box              fitness tracker                     wooden speaker


The look and feel of a product can often make or break whether it moves off of a shelf.  Promotional product suppliers spend a great deal of time, money and energy into studying which products move. With the help of online e-commerce stores like or even, one can easily search best sellers and top rated products with the simple click of a button.  These trends pave the way for the types of products we find rolling out each season.

A few good examples of high trending products are Adult Coloring Books, Drones and Multi-Functional Backpacks.

coloring book         drone        backpack

Our friends at Sweda have provided even more retail trends in the promo space in the below attachment.

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