The greeting card industry is not dead.

According to the Greeting Card Association (yes, there is an entire association dedicated to paper sentiments), in 2015, over 6.5 billion cards were purchased.  This number accounts for approximately $7-$8 billion in sales.  Definitely not dead.

These days, with the quickness of email, Facebook messaging and iMessaging, it seems we may be getting farther and farther away from the age old act of sending a hand-written card.  City Paper knows the importance of a special handcrafted note and we try to place extra emphasis on sending them out to our loyal customers and vendors, most especially around the holidays or special occasions.  There truly is power in expressing your gratitude.

It's our belief, and from personal experience, that people are still eager to receive snail mail.  Add in a little promo token like a magnet, a pen, or a screen cleaner and you are sure to tug at the heart strings of your recipient, who no doubt will feel the love and appreciation.

It's just good business sense!

City Paper Company has a custom greeting card site set up to help your company with customized greeting cards for any occasion.  Do you celebrate employee birthdays and company anniversaries?  If not yet, consider how good your employees would feel receiving a personalized card from their CEO!  Does your sales team show their appreciation to prospective customers for taking the time to grant that in-person meeting?  It's not too late to start using greeting cards to help build that rapport and future relationship.

A good greeting card expresses gratitude, shows you care and that you are thinking about the recipient and how he/she feels.  For clients and employees alike, these qualities are always great for business!  And while emails, yes, could serve the same purpose even more easily, the greeting card shows the extra time and thought that you put into writing, addressing, and mailing...all of which, don't really take that long, right?

Visit today to start customizing birthday and anniversary cards, upcoming holiday cards, and of course, your company thank you cards!