The City Paper Boutique

It's not uncommon for people to confuse our showroom with a retail store...for two reasons - one of which being that our showroom, once upon a time (for close to 20 years), it actually was home to our party goods retail store, Paper Works.  While Paper Works is no longer around, take one step into our showroom and it will be a challenge for you to not look at, feel and touch the numerous products on display.

Our showroom pays homage to all of our clients and customers.  We proudly display the t-shirts we have printed, the bags we have designed, the signs we have sourced and the dozens of other products we have provided our amazing customers over the years.

Advantages Magazine recently did a write up on "Distributor Showrooms Done Right" and, well, we are blushing at having been highlighted as one of those distributors (and what great company we are in as well)!  We invite you to check out the article...or better yet, come visit us and see for yourself!