Everyone’s a Lobo! If you’ve ever had the chance to visit a sporting event in Albuquerque, New Mexico, chances are you have heard this chant. Cheers and chants are a great way to get fans excited about a game, but how can a program take the gameday experience to the next level?

In 2016, City Paper Company had the opportunity to work with the University of New Mexico athletics department to do just that. The University of New Mexico introduced “Fan Enhancements” – promotional products used to entice fans to not only attend games, but to arrive early before limited quantities of merchandise ran out. They experienced great turnout, and ultimately, the UNM football team earned its second bowl game victory in 55 years.

While promotional products may not directly cause a team to win or lose, they can help your athletic program score big with fans. Fans are likely to use and re-use promotional products, and they are a great vehicle for sponsorships, which alleviates some of the cost for growing programs.

Promotional products can come into play before the game, and they remain relevant long after the final buzzer sounds. Promotional products can drive action, such as ticket purchases, increase media awareness by featuring a social media account or hashtag, support special events such as anniversaries, or even remind fans to stay safe once the game ends by supporting ride sharing or other on-campus safety programs.

From the student section, to alumni, to donors and community sponsors, promotional products are a great way to complement collegiate sports programs.

Blog contributed by: Lexi Artrip, Oklahoma/Texas Area Manager
Photo Credit: http://www.golobos.com/news/2016/8/13/football-fan-enhancements-game-day-giveaways.aspx