The trend towards health-conscious products has continued to surge. From booming growth of healthy oriented retailers like Whole Foods and Fresh Market, the push for organic or cage-free options, and new work out die-hard regimens (looking at you, @soulcycle!), we are headed in a positive direction. In the spirit of promoting my “best” self, I’ve cut out most of the (unhealthy) “easy” food and drink options—leaving me inspired to get creative with my food and exercise regimens! Here’s a couple of ways I’ve been incorporating a healthier lifestyle everyday…

Fruit Fusion Bottle: To all of you who can drink water all day, every day, I salute you. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. Fruit Fusion bottles have become a necessary part of my everyday routine—I love incorporating different combinations of fruit flavors into my drink without having to worry about spitting out a lemon seed during an office meeting or in the middle of a workout! My favorite fruity combination right now is lemons + strawberries… what’s your go-to?


New Balance® PVC Free Yoga Mat and Bag: While most gyms tend to have a collection of yoga mats, let's be honest, who KNOWS how many different people’s hands, feet, faces, sweat, and… the list could go on forever...have been there. This yoga mat is perfect for on-the-go yogis with its portable bag. Best yet, it’s PVC (the most environmentally damaging type of plastic*) free, so you and our planet can stay healthy! *According to


KIND Bars: As someone constantly on the go (and probably running late!), I’m always looking for a quick snack that’ll fill me up. The 6 grams of protein in KIND’s dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bars do just the trick—and the natural sugars can quench even the largest “sugar dragon”.


An Insulated Water Bottle: As I’m always on the go, it is crucial for me to have a go-to bottle for everything! I use this for my coffee in the morning, my afternoon La Croix, and my ice water in-between. The bottle pictured keeps drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours—perfect for any occasion.


Salad Bowl Set: Eating healthy isn’t always glamorous, especially when you’re always moving. This Salad bowl set is so helpful to ensure I get exactly what I want—from the tray for toppings, to the dressing container, and last but certainly not least, the fork… so you’re never forced to eat salad with your hands!


Shaker Bottle: Growing up, my parents encouraged me to exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, and of course, get my protein so I could grow big and strong. Well, many years later I’ve finally figured out a better system to get all the protein I need a day and it’s not through eating piles of bacon (though I have never complained about that!). These shaker bottles make it easy to get your protein in and even have a bottom compartment to store protein and sport powders, so you don’t have to pull a Ted Mosby.


Essential Oil Roller Bottle: Health goes beyond exercising & eating well. It’s important to remember how all our senses combined can dramatically impact our well-being. Essential oils can be used for a variety of things, including: relaxing, promoting deep and easy breathing, staying focused, and supporting a healthy & strong immune system. My favorite is lavender oil—I love applying the oil on my palms, breathing it in, and rubbing a drop of it onto my pillow before I go to sleep!


Beef Jerky: There are a TON of healthy food options out there today. Beef Jerky is one of the most amazing options on the market with its high protein content. Top ranked among some healthy food critics, Country Archer does their best to support local farms and use local ingredients when they can. A definite yum, win!



Camelbak: Good for work or hitting the hiking trail, Camelbak’s have spill-proof sipping. I love the convenience of the straw and the flexibility of the cap and bite valve!


Resistance Bands w/ Drawstring Sportspack: As someone who is consistently learning more about strength training, the fitness guide with exercises that can be performed with the bands found in this set was crucial for me. Included in the set pictured are three resistance bands can be used individually or in any combination for adjustable tension. Three types of attachments are included: Handle (2), Ankle (2), and Door (1). The set features a large fitness cinch bag to carry everything you need for your workout! Easy to operate any time, any place!