A major part of City Paper’s business is selling promotional packaging. It may not seem like a big deal, who cares about a bag and tissue paper, right? But actually, a lot of careful thought and consideration go into finding the right fit between the customer and the packaging they need for their business.  Take for example, the MakeUp Bar, who needed all new packaging to reflect a recent location change.

The light, breezy, modern and environmentally friendly store was looking to reflect their message even in packaging. Picking the right packaging makes a statement for a business and business owners want it to be just right. Our City Paper team picks out the perfect combination of bags, boxes, stickers, tissue paper and even product labels to make the business stand out, as was the case in The MakeUp Bar.

This type of consideration expends to all clients as there is no one size fits all in this industry. As we are entering the holiday season, we are excited to help our customers achieve success by creating the perfect holiday packaging that fits their business and message.

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