Trends aren't just in retail, they're appropriate for the workplace too.  Even business casual can even be confused for "athliesure" these days.  And let's face it, we spend the majority of our time in our "work-wear" so we should fee confident, but also comfortable.

This retail trends Style Mash-Up shows us affordable, trendy and comfortable ways to follow retail styles this season.  The secret?  LAYERS & TEXTURES.  Sanmar shows us how to explore corporate apparel that can be stylish and incorporate some crossover between corporate and weekend wear.

STYLE-MASH UP: Everything is mixed with old/new, preppy/punk and any other mix you can think of. There are no rules, only your imagination.


THE NEW STANDARD: The rules have left the building. Dress shirt hoodie and a denim jacket? Sure. Tie and active wear? No problem. Knit blazer with tie and hankie for that super important meeting? Bring it on!


ACTIVE WEAR: Casual Friday? Running some errands? Feel free to mix your polo with comfy active wear!


The great thing about style mash up is that you can show your personality with your clothing AT WORK! How great is that?! We're happy that the retail style has finally reached promo world.