It’s hard to believe that City Paper is entering its 121st year in business. Our company looks nothing like the one we were founded as in 1897. Long gone are the top hatted men and horse carriages once used for our local deliveries.

The last 70 of those years have existed within the rather antiquated walls at 3700 1st Avenue North. These walls are rumored to have ghosts whose cigarette and cigar scent  can occasionally be recognized at odd times like during a weekend office visit when all halls have been clear of people for at least 24 hours.

These walls have been the barrier of a few torrential floods, a fire, and probably a number of things that will forever go unrecognized. And with each natural (or even man-made disaster), business continued as usual, hopefully seemingly unnoticed by our customers, but most definitely endured by our employees.

With respect to not overdoing the melodrama, all that has happened in this building has not been bad. We have welcomed new members to our ever-growing City Paper family...and not just employees, but their families as well. We have hosted dozens of parties, events and celebratory moments here. We have held sales meetings and made major, wonderful announcements as a congregated group here. These halls have bared witness to millions of dollars of transactions over the past 70 years. We have said goodbye to long-time employees who traded in their 8 to 5 for the retirement life of bridge, books, golf or whatever their hearts now desire.

If these walls could talk, it would be one epic and interesting novel. But like all good things, there comes a time to change. And next month, it is time for City Paper’s new beginning. What started as a bit of a fantasy four years ago in August becomes a reality.

It started with, “If only we had a break room every one could eat in together...” and “I wish we didn’t have to deal with a flat roof that leaks every summer!”  We sold our building in December and with the great help of the best commercial real estate guy in town, David “Boss” Spencer, we made a pipe dream an honest to goodness reality.

We are moving, but let me be clear when I say that City Paper as a company is not changing. We are still your trusted supplier for all things branded - be it your retail packaging or your promotional marketing items. Our warehouse is staying put right here at 3700 1st Ave. We are just getting the facelift on the outside to match who we are today on the inside.  i can promise you this: Our new office will be a more productive one - one that is conducive for our employees and less disruptive than some of these issues we have had to deal with the past few years. This will create a happier, more productive environment, which will lead us to be even more efficient, more creative and more reliable for you, our wonderful customers.

We look forward to seeing you at our Open House, which we will host in the Fall. We are grateful for your support and are all eager and excited to get into our new space. That being said, it’s important that we never forget the foundation on which our company was built and the halls in which we have been able to thrive as a company for 121 years. We are humble and will never forget where we came from, but that will not stop us from where we are going.