Summer is in full swing and the heat is unforgiving, especially in the South where the hottest days are just beginning in July. Some people will try to save themselves from the sun in unconventional ways such as umbrella hats, eating curry (that’s a thing, look it up) or just never ever going outside. We at City Paper love our summers and recommend some more practical ways to stay safe in the summertime. We can help you get prepared for any summer event you may be planning.

First thing’s first: sunscreen. Whether you want SPF 15 or SPF 50, we’ve got you covered. At City Paper, we make sure you give you the best options for whichever product works best for any event. All our sunscreen options are FDA regulated and broad-spectrum coverage. We have some great options for sunscreen and lip balm combos, this way you know you are covering all your bases. Protecting your skin is one of the most important rules of summer.
After you lather yourself in sunscreen from head to toe, please don’t forget sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the harmful UVA/UVB rays is just as important as protecting your skin. Sunglasses are also a great summer time give away as there are so many options to choose from. Finally, we have several great cooling towel options to make the heat more tolerable. Cooling towels are great for outdoor events since as soon as you get them wet, they become 10 degrees cooler to provide instant relief from the sun.

Whether you're planning a company wide picnic, ball game or want to promote summer sun safety for your employees, City Paper has the tools to keep you cool!