I had a great time at my first SPPA Showcase. Being the newbie on the team, it was exciting to see the vendors and items that have only been on paper come to life. Actually touching and experiencing the products that clients order gave me a new prospective on what I do. We can get so caught up in the process that we lose sight of the end goal, providing high quality promotional items that help our customers brand their business.

We deal with so many vendors and contacts that it was nice getting to meet some of them face-to-face. It really builds on the relationship for our clients when last minute rush orders are needed and complications arise. Everyone was so pleasant and answered any questions I had.

My favorite item was a retro lunch box. It offered full color customization on all sides with a handle. I thought this was the neatest idea for a promo box or packaging. I love to be able to think outside the box for our customers, and give them creative ideas that will make them stand out in the marketplace.