As we near the end of September and begin the month of October, City Paper is launching a new campaign called 31 Days of Pink Promo. Many people are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want to dedicate this time to spreading awareness, facts and reminders for people to take care of their breast health. We all know someone or have someone dear to us who has been affected by this disease, it’s our job to take health into our own hands and to pay attention to the signs and symptoms.

Did you know that both men and women can have breast cancer?  In 2018 an estimated 2,550 new cases of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This is a much smaller number than women who will be diagnosed, but it does happen. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more prepared you are to be mindful of your own health care.

Pink promo products that people receive from their doctors, insurance or even work offices can act as reminders to take care of your breast health. There is a variety of products out there, from pink water bottles to pink oven mitts to help people remember. Join us starting October 1st to spread awareness with pink promotional products. We will also have a Facebook fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help support new ways to beat this disease. Together we can make a difference and generate more awareness in an effort to find a cure!