March 8th is International Women’s Day and that’s sparked conversation in our office about how fortunate we are to work in an industry full of hard working, supportive, creative and brilliant women.  It’s no coincidence that promo products seem to be more and more geared towards women.  Our industry is not only full of women on the distributor and supplier side, but frequently promotional product buyers are also women.  With this in mind, we’ve seen a significant uptick in products designed specifically for women.


A few promotional products for the working woman come to mind, but my favorite right now is the Bento Box.  Preparing meals ahead of time and bringing your lunch to work is important for the working woman who is trying to stay healthy and possibly doesn’t have the time to leave the office for lunch.  Equally as important while trying to stay fueled is paying attention to how much water you’re drinking each day.  

  • Gemline’s Fuji Lunch Gift Set is ideal for the hard working woman. 

 Apparel in our space has transformed from having only a button down or polo option that claims to be a “companion” of the men’s piece to pieces designed for women first with no “companion” men’s piece.  Truth be told, most women don’t find the polo look to be the most comfortable or flattering.  It’s also no secret that the better you feel, the better work you produce.  This Spring we’ve previewed several new pieces from Sanmar & Charles River that give more flexibility to a uniform for the working promo woman.


  • Sanmar:  Port Authority ® Ladies 3/4-Sleeve Tunic Blouse – a new take on a tired polo look.  This tunic blouse is versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down.  Best of all, this piece makes the boxy polo fit look like a thing of the past.  We recommend heat seal as the decoration technique.  Available in Black, Ivory Chiffon, Misty Sage, Rose Quartz, Sterling Grey and True Blue.


  • Charles River:  Women’s Cardigan Wrap – this piece is comfortable, flattering and easily able to be layered.  Available in Berry, Black, Dark Heather Charcoal, Garnet (shown below) and Navy.  Charles River focuses on what the majority of our industry is made of, women.  Their new spring line is made designed for women.



We’re excited and proud to be a part of the hard working women that make our industry not only successful, but innovative and worth celebrating.  Promotional products are for everyone, but how fun is it to have promotional products made for women!?