Each year you can count on a new song, hair style, word or fashion craze that makes a statement on the year.  Whenever I hear Nysync’s “Bye Bye Bye” it takes me right back to 2000.  The most popular shoe in the 1990s was the jelly sandal.  Any time jelly sandals are mentioned, I can see myself running towards my neighborhood pool.  Yearly trends are a sure bet in the promotional marketing space as well.  And honestly, it will be a while before we forget 2018’s fidget spinner craze. 


Trends for 2019’s Promotional Marketing space are full of mixed materials & textures, high performance drinkware, retail packaging first impressions and dual function products.


Mixed materials are being shown in apparel and hard goods alike.  Outerwear apparel pieces are being designed with performance polyester and cotton twills.  The mixed fabric technology is making apparel pieces more functional with moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties, but also more durable.  So, your standard lightweight jacket is now made with more functionality than the jacket that was once only suitable for one month out of the year.


High performance drinkware - think double-walled, vacuum-sealed and copper-lined.  Do you really need to keep your drink cold for 48 hours?  Probably not, but the option is there and it’s turned into the norm for drinkware functionality.  Vacuum insulated drinkware pieces are becoming more affordable and it’s a trend I think that is here to stay.  It’s an upgrade from the double-wall plastic tumbler.  We’re even seeing vacuum insulated, but glass-lined on the inside so you are no longer tasting the metal of the copper insulated tumbler – mind blown.


Lucky for us packaging people, first impressions in packaging are all the rage.  Brands are more aware of how their product is received by first time buyers based on what their product is packaged in.  Promotional products buyers are looking for a personal touch to try and connect with the recipients of the products their gifting or giving away.  I’m assuming the monthly subscription boxes started this packaging trend for our industry and in a world full of technology upgrades, it’s nice to see a simple and hands on touch be added to branding.  Packaging upgrades can result in a brand being top of mind.


Dual function products are the key trend that we’ll likely see repeated time and time again this year.  What has your promotional product done for you lately?!  I’m venturing to say, during Nsync’s heyday of 2000, we weren’t envisioning a water bottle that also charged your wireless earbuds!  What will they think of next….


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