Promo Really Works!  


Do promotional products really work?  Well, let’s dive into this question a little. The answer is unequivocally yes but allow me to lead into my answer with some examples.  


The t-shirts we provide certainly won’t solve world peace, but the message on the shirt certainly can help promote world peace. 


The Nurse’s Week and Doctor’s Day gifts with a healthcare system’s logo saying, “Thank you for all you do” will not save a patient; however, they can lift up the spirits of someone who worked hard to advocate and care for that very same patient who needs saving.


Our products every day can be viewed as tchotchkes, trinkets, toys, or “useless swag.”  Glass half full though – our items can also be used a driver for safety awareness, eco-friendly efforts, employee appreciation, customer loyalty, health and wellness motivators…the list can go on and on.


With all of the good that promotional products do in this world, it’s a bit ironic to me that we are still needing to educate and create awareness about the effectiveness of our advertising medium. That being said, I am one of our industry’s biggest fans and fully believe in the good and in the power of what our products, and more importantly, the messages delivered on these products can truly do.  And we are blessed to have an industry organization like PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) that puts so much effort into driving the awareness that promotional products work!


PPAI created Promotional Products Work! Week seven years ago and each year, we are fueled with more facts, more figures, and more research support to educate and raise awareness to advertisers, marketers and legislators about the power of promo.  Our industry is $24.7 billion strong but compared to more traditional mediums, we still trail behind television, direct marketing and digital. 





The Research Facts



The 5Rs of Promo:


REACH:89% of consumers have received a promotional product in the last six months


RECALL:9 in 10 recall the branding (company’s name and logo)


RESONANCE:82% had a more favorable impression of the brand 


REACTION:83% more likely to do business with the brand


RELATIVITY:Promo ranks as #1 most effective form of advertising across 4 generations – Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers and Silent Generation



Research is great, but we all know the true power of anything being effective is in the experience you create.  There is a great quote I am reminded by Maya Angelou that always come back to how I look at a great promotional products campaign.  



Promotional products have the staying power unlike any other method of advertising or marketing to continue the feelingremind users of the experienceand drive an emotional connectionto a brand in the most unique way.  This makes what we provide so incredibly unique.  Our products may never solve world peace or cure cancer, but they sure as heck can brighten someone’s spirits, making their day just a tad bit better and giving them hope for a better tomorrow. 




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