I could say I am a little late in writing this post as it "should" have been up by Thanksgiving, but life happens, we get caught up...and then holidays approach way too quickly and well, the blog unlike our Thanksgiving feast was put on the back burner.  That being said, my thoughts have been swirling around what to say in this year's gratitude post as it has become somewhat of an annual tradition for me now.  And then again, is it ever really too late to express gratitude?  Never.

In entering my almost 6th year here at City Paper Company, I can say that not a day goes by where my heart is not overwhelmed with joy or appreciation.  It's truly a blessing to get up and go to work with people I care about, respect and admire.  On top of that, we have the privilege to work for clients that we truly care about, respect and admire.  What a year it has been!  While it's not quite over yet, this year has given us great challenges and great successes.  I think it's so important that we all stop and take some time to reflect on how we personally contributed to the highs and lows.  Often times, it's hard for us to let go of that which we cannot control.  And ironically, we can control so very little.  We can choose the glass half empty view, which can overwhelm us quite quickly, or we can see things as glass half full.  There is opportunity in every door closing and every new one opening.  This is a daily, sometimes minute by minute, practice for us all!  For me, sometimes my anxiety gets the best of me and that overwhelming feeling can feel quite daunting.  What calms me most as it relates to work is the amazing team of people who lift each other up and help carry the weight of what we do here at City Paper every day.  It's truly special and equally inspiring.  I try to express my appreciation for all they do to lift me up and can only hope I am returning the favor and leading by example.

And so today, like most days, I am glass half full - full of pride for the people we work with - customers, employees and vendors alike.  I am full of joy for the job that we get to do is so fun and rewarding and hard in the most awesome of ways.  I am full of optimism for the 2020 year to come.  I reflect back on this year's obstacles and feel an overwhelming sense of relief that no challenge was too difficult to handle.  I think it is important to take those moments filled with contentment, relief and pride and relish in them as long as it can last.  Appreciate these moments to fullest extent as we know they can be far too fleeting.  

To our amazing customers, thank you once again for trusting City Paper Company as your partner.  We never take it lightly when you choose to work with our team and can only hope you feel how hard we work for you!  We only wish to work even harder and do even better for you in 2020.  There are not enough words for how lucky we feel to work with all of you.

To our vendors who pull the rabbits out of hats, we'll never truly understand how you make the magic happen that you do, but we are so appreciative!  Thank you for helping us navigate the ups and downs, the great orders and the difficult ones, the way you do!  We could not do any of it without you.

And last, but definitely not least, to my colleagues, co-workers, and framily that I have the pleasure, joy, and luck to work with day in and day out, you each amaze me.  Your commitment and dedication to CP does not go unnoticed or unfelt.  Your attitude and spirit is contagious in the very best ways.  Thank you for energizing me and working as hard (and smart) as you each do.  Every single one of you - whether you are out in the field, in the warehouse or in our office - inspires me and on behalf of the Executive Team, we are so truly grateful for you.

Stop.  Take a moment and breathe in all that is good.  Take a moment to thank the people around you.  Find gratitude in where you are and what will come to you, I promise, will be even more special.  Happy Holidays from me to you.  I am grateful for you, for City Paper, and for what is to come in 2020.

With tremendous gratitude,

Stephanie Friedman