What a year this has been.  It has certainly been a rollercoaster of emotions.  It is amazing to think that how quickly this year flew by and with it, so many uncertainties, so much chaos and so many mixed feelings.  There are a few things that have not wavered in this crazy climate.  

- The joy that the company of family and friends brings to us.

- The passion and invigoration we get from collaborating with our co-workers.

- The beauty and refreshment of being outdoors...except maybe when the ground is covered in pollen.

- The feel of your toes hitting the sand at the start of a much needed vacation.

- The inhale and exhale we all have taken for granted at some point in life.

- The excitement of finding a can of Lysol, a roll of toilet paper or a pack of Clorox wipes.

These things are things for which I am most especially grateful.  At this time, it's an appropriate moment to stop and pause for those who are grieving, those who are healing, and those needing just extra comfort and support.  You are in the prayers of all of us here at City Paper Company.

To our fellow promotional product distributors, we stand with you during what has been a challenging and uncertain year.  Thank you for rallying around our industry and pivoting to ensure all of our customers' needs were met and for just allowing us all to be there for one another.

To our suppliers and vendors, thank you for stepping up to help us the way you have always done, but with even more hope, enthusiasm and assurance than ever before.

To our customers, my goodness, what can we say?  We watched and listened as many of you were unsure how things would unfold.  You offered your support to us in the same manner we tried to do for you.  We are forever grateful for your trust in us.  We thank you for still choosing City Paper, especially now more than ever.

To my fellow City Paper Company family, how did we get so lucky?  You are an incredible bunch.  You stepped up this year and fought for our organization in a way I have never witnessed anywhere before.  We rowed, not just in the same direction, but in the most synchronized fashion I have ever been a part of in any company or work environment.  You are incredible people who work incredibly hard.  Thank you for adapting.  Thank you for trusting our pivot.  Thank you for choosing City Paper too.

Thankful. Grateful.  Appreciative.  

I will offer my wishes for 2021 in a later post, but for now, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.  

Wishing you all good health, much success and lots of love and joy,