Over the last few years, City Paper Co. has been right on the forefront of the trend of kitting or “unboxing". Sending out a branded box or kit with branded merchandise inside. Maybe it has a general “theme” such as our BBQ box which housed a grill apron, grill tongs, meat thermometer and spice mix - or maybe not. Either way, we have learned a thing or two about creating an incredible “unboxing experience” for our clients.

One of our custom boxes had a speaker installed under the lid, so that a custom message (in this case, cheering) would ring out each time the lid was lifted off of the box! Talk about a cool unboxing! 

Budlight 15Sec

Adding that little touch such as a branded corrugated shipper box, custom shipping tape, a message on the inside lid, a sticker with your logo, value or brand on it, a gift with purchase or giveaway item, tissue paper which shows your brand or correlates with the overall message of the gift, all of these details take the package beyond the item inside and into an “experience”.

In the past, you might only see a branded box or packaging used for retail stores, but now, with our vendors offering lower MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantity) and lower cost per piece, means any business, large or small, can afford and leverage their own branded unboxing experience! Now custom branding is for everyone! And with newer and better offerings in materials, we can find eco-friendly and sustainable products to help enhance your brand message too!

Why should you care about your client’s unboxing experience? Well, think about it this way - remember when you were a kid, and you got a gift, and the excitement that comes before you unwrap that gift? That is what we want to help you create for your client - intrigue and anticipation turned into excitement and joy! Hopefully, it’s unforgettable. 

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