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2020 vs 2021 Industry Changes

2020 was quite a year. It’s hard to even think back to the days of lock down when chicken, toilet paper, and Lysol® were difficult to come by. It feels like it was both yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time. But here we are! It’s a new year and, while COVID-19 is not fully in our rearview mirror, we are most certainly turning a corner.

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Promo PPE

Our industry’s normal product offering has moved from plain old pens and mobile tech accessories to antimicrobial stylus pens and no touch keychain tools.

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The Compassion Project

As our team sorts through life in the “new normal” and we try our best to make sense of how to adjust, we have found ourselves looking to the uplifting messages and underlying hope for guidance.

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Blinded by the Blue Light

One of the innovative trends we are seeing in our industry in health and wellness is combating the exposure to blue light with blue light glasses.

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Fun in the Sunscreen!

May 27th is National Sunscreen Day and the promo industry has figured out how to address the issue of UV rays with items for purchase that can help keep your skin and brand protected!​

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Earth Day & Eco Friendly Promo

We are literally 30 days from this years’ celebrated Earth Day. (April 22nd) This may not even be on your radar. But it’s on ours. Here are several green, eco-friendly promo items that we love.

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