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Women in Promo

Listen to this round table discussion about women in the Promo Industry as well as what it is like to work in a female dominated office. Contributors: Stephanie Friedman, Amy Clark & Maggie Mason

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#32 in the Top 50! We’ll Take It!

We are honored to be selected as #32 on Print + Promo Magazine’s Top 50 Distributors list! We have an amazing team who make it all happen and unbelievable customers who trust us with their brand.

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Navigating Art Requirements

Did you know when it comes to art files, there are such things as “good files” and “bad files”? At City Paper Company, we’re taking all the guess work out with a quick tutorial to help with understanding the file formats that are needed to make your promo and print items look amazing.

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Confessions of an E-Commerce Consultant

E-commerce is the future of shopping – no matter what you are shopping for. People love the ability to browse and compare, and people expect to be able to get what they want with minimal work...

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Creativity is the name of the game

Creativity and strategic creative thinking can sometimes take over a planning meeting and usually happens when we least expect it. Dare I say we never plan for it? At the risk of bragging, our creative team consists of a group of Don Draper’s, sans all of his drama. We never know which corner our next great, critically strategic idea will come from or who will throw it out there and most of the time, it’s a collaborative team effort.

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A Great Team Makes for a GREAT Company!

We are not perfect - no company truly is. That being said, we strive for perfection every day. It's a wonderful feeling when your employees are the ones who contribute their feedback to a survey that let's us know we are doing pretty great. Happy employees are what we believe it's all about and our goal is simply that our customers and vendors get to reap the rewards of that mindset.

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