Attractive retail package design reinforces your branding. It helps tell the story of your business. It communicates professionalism to your customers, and it serves as advertising to everyone who sees it, whether or not they’ve set foot inside your store or visited your website. The right bag is a walking advertisement, whether it’s being carried through a shopping center or popping up in a customer’s Instagram pic.

At City Paper, your dedicated rep will walk you through the sales process to be sure the materials you’re choosing will perform exactly how you need them to. We’ll show you options that fit best with your branding and with your budget. We know that each piece of packaging needs a reason to exist — to add fun and whimsy, to help communicate a product use, or to advertise your brand — and that, no matter what, it absolutely must perform in a practical setting as well.

To find a rep or place an order, shoot us an email. And if you need a little help getting your logo and design elements print-ready, we can help with that, too — City Paper Studios handles it all, from logo creation to expanding your color palette and everything in between. We want your packaging to tell your clients that you’ve thought of everything; that their every need is met. And we start by delivering exactly that sort of service as soon as you set up an account with us.

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