Corporate Collateral

Corporate Collateral

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Whether you’re networking with business cards, reaching out on company letterhead or striving for success with your annual report, corporate collateral is important to conveying your company’s status and professionalism. Quick print shops tend to turn around sub-quality work that can be crooked, a brand mismatch, or just plain wrong. There’s no need to hope for the best — when you choose City Paper, you’re assured of the best, every single time.

“ I have had such a wonderful relationship with City Paper for many years. City Paper has evolved with me throughout my years in business, and is always available to suggest and bring me new ideas in marketing. From my beautiful shopping bags, to cocktail napkins, gift cards, and so much more, they have been very instrumental in my branding process!
Stacey Rhodes
“ We've been a City Paper customer for over seven years. City Paper's sales team and customer support offer wonderful service. They are helpful, friendly, and fulfill orders quickly. They also strive to produce and deliver products according to expectations. City Paper is a great company to work with for these reasons.
DeBrand Fine Chocolates
“ I have been a City Paper customer personally for about two years. With every order I've placed, I have received quality products delivered on time and exceptional customer service from each representative. What I enjoy most about working with City Paper is that they are always going above and beyond to build and keep an amazing relationship. The friendliness and the charm of the representatives makes for a great experience. City Paper works really hard to understand more than just the need behind an item. They also take the time to get to know our brand and what these products will ultimately be representing for our company. I get amazing feedback on the items we've ordered. I will always continue to work with City Paper!


Frequently Asked Questions

We will need some upfront information, including: type of print piece, finished size, number of ink colors, preferred binding method, quantity, and the content for the print piece. Please contact us to begin your print quote. Our team with gladly guide you through the steps of creating your print collateral piece. We can assist you in everything from design to paper selection, binding selection or even content!

Coated paper has a shiny gloss coating, and the ink sits atop the coating allowing for minimal ink absorption. Uncoated paper has no surface coating permitting maximum ink absorption into the paper. The same PANTONE PMS Spot color printed on coated and uncoated paper will have quite a different visual appearance.

Vector art is the preferred file type for most of our factory requirements. A vector format is generally saved in an .eps, .ai, and (likely) .pdf format. Vector art is preferred because it can be scaled to infinity with out losing the quality of the image/text. If you cannot provide vector art, we can redraw your art in vector format. Depending on the detail of your art, this process can be lengthy. If you have a question about your art, feel free to email your file to and we will let you know if it is print-ready, or give you an estimate on redrawing time. Fonts/Type must be submitted in outlines, and all non-standard fonts must be supplied.

CMYK is the standard for digital printing. The letters literally stand for the inks that are used in the printers- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These inks, when blended, create an unlimited variation of colors but are less reliable than using spot colors- or the PMS color system. Spot or PMS colors are very exact. Because of the exact nature of spot colors, using spot or PMS colors can be a more expensive print process - especially if you are printing many spot colors at a time. When you have art with more than 4 spot colors- or complicated art, it is more cost effective to use CMYK digital printing. If you need help navigating this- don't worry! We are experts in color and print!

RGB is the color standard reserved for screens. Red, Green, Blue. Using RGB colors is not preferred for printing and can produce unexpected results. Remember, when viewing art proofs on your screen that each screen is manufactured and calibrated differently- so a print proof can look different on your computer screen or phone than it will look when actually printed in ink.

Art Support

Need to create a logo for that business card? Our in-house graphic design experts, City Paper Studios, will get you set up with the perfect images to represent your business.

CP Studios

Fulfillment and Distribution

Our Alabama warehouse handles inventory management, mailings and warehousing to ensure brand consistency across all collateral materials and make ordering, reordering and distribution a breeze

Fulfillment & Distribution

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