Are you choosing promotional marketing that make sense for your business? Do the colors, fonts and gift choices reflect your branding exactly? Do the colors, fonts and gift choices reflect your branding exactly? What does the quality of each product that you’re gifting to your clients and potential customers say about you?

At City Paper, we vet all of our products, so we’ll only offer you quality pieces. We work closely with a network of trusted suppliers so we can be sure to get those essential details, like branding colors and fonts, correct. And we’re careful to choose the right printing method for each product, so you won’t experience the immediate peeling or fading that’s so common in many brand promotional materials. We even have an on-site design team, City Paper Studios, who can help correct colors, swap out images, and resize logos (or even create them).

You account rep is your lifeline to getting to know which of our large inventory of corporate apparel and promotional products is right for your business. They’ll walk you through the best choices of all we have to offer, help get you set up for processing and fulfillment, and even assist in quick re-orders should the need arise. And if your promotional product needs are so great that you’d benefit from your own e-commerce store, where your staff can order approved promo products online, we can set you up with a streamlined system for that as well.

Brand recognition is a great place to start, but we believe that’s only the beginning. Get the right promotional products in the hands of the right people, and a simple t-shirt, to-go mug or tech tool can be a launching pad for serious business.

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