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City Paper Studios Is the Name Behind Our Biggest Secret Weapon, Our Stellar In-House Art Department.

CP Studios

Small business needs great design.

Small businesses need great design — and that’s what we offer through City Paper Studios, our in-house art department. Whether you need business cards, letterhead, mugs, t-shirts, promotional material or corporate signage, we’re ready to take on your project, big or small. Our dedicated, professional team does it all, from touch ups and redesigns to starting from scratch and helping you build the look and feel of your business.

Let’s say you’re starting at the beginning. That means you’ll want logo options and a color palette as a jumping off point for the rest of your graphic design and branding needs. We’ll meet with you and discuss your vision for your business. Everything you imagine will come to life before your eyes, and you’ll have the professional pieces to build your business in no time.

Or maybe you already have a business and brand strategy, but you want to add promotional products, new signage, Point of Sale add-ons or a holiday gift wrap style. We love to build on established brands, creating professional pieces that meet your company’s needs perfectly.

Whether you want a few tweaks, a complete overhaul, are starting from scratch, or want a few more options, the custom graphic design services of City Paper Studios will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Our art department is made up of a team of talented artists well-skilled, trained and educated in the following:

  • Brand & Image Development
  • Digital Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Drawing
  • Copywriting
  • E-mail Marketing Design
  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Custom Product Design
  • Painting (Oil, Watercolor, Pastels, Acrylic , etc.)
  • Photography
  • Photoshop Editing

CP Studios

Frequently Asked Questions

We always provide a digital proof in the process of designing your order. A proof is the way that we communicate with you about what your final product will look like, it is also how we communicate with the factory to produce your item. When working with digital proofs, you will please note the ink color listed on the proof as well as the placement of the logo/art, and the size of the logo/art. This information is shown on the proof in a designated area. Since all screens are made differently and can show inaccurate color results, it is preferred to note the ink color listed, rather than going by what you see on your screen. We want every order to be a success story! So feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your proof!

CMYK is the standard for digital printing. The letters literally stand for the inks that are used in the printers- Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These inks, when blended, create an unlimited variation of colors but are less reliable than using spot colors- or the PMS color system. Spot or PMS colors are very exact. Because of the exact nature of spot colors, using spot or PMS colors can be a more expensive print process - especially if you are printing many spot colors at a time. When you have art with more than 4 spot colors- or complicated art, it is more cost effective to use CMYK digital printing. If you need help navigating this- don't worry! We are experts in color and print!

RGB is the color standard reserved for screens. Red, Green, Blue. Using RGB colors is not preferred for printing and can produce unexpected results. Remember, when viewing art proofs on your screen that each screen is manufactured and calibrated differently- so a print proof can look different on your computer screen or phone than it will look when actually printed in ink.

Vector art is the preferred file type for most of our factory requirements. A vector format is generally saved in an .eps, .ai, and (likely) .pdf format. Vector art is preferred because it can be scaled to infinity with out losing the quality of the image/text. If you cannot provide vector art, we can redraw your art in vector format. Depending on the detail of your art, this process can be lengthy. If you have a question about your art, feel free to email your file to artdept@citypapercompany.com and we will let you know if it is print-ready, or give you an estimate on redrawing time. Fonts/Type must be submitted in outlines, and all non-standard fonts must be supplied.

Our standard art fees begin at $80-$120 an hour. This includes, but is not limited to, the creative initial design, editing (the first two rounds), changes in copy or design, file prep, pre-press production and any special assets needed (i.e. photography, fine art, chart & graph illustration, etc.). Standard art fees apply for project based billing.

Yes. For a campaign, which involves 12 hours or more in design/creative work time, we offer retainer services. These fees are based on a sliding scale. If you are interested in this service, please contact your Account Representative for additional information.

Yes, there are additional fees for Rush Jobs as well as editing (when there are more than 2 rounds of initial editing) and copywriting.

Please send all art files to artdept@citypapercompany.com. If you have any art related questions, you may send them to that email address as well.