Each month we follow a promotional calendar of awareness events and pinpoint merchandise that will help our brand partners get the message out. For example, January’s focus was Fitness and Health, Financial Fitness, Cold and Flu Awareness, Nutrition, Family Health and National Blood Donor’s Month to name a few. 

As if that were not enough topics to focus on for the month of January- you barely begin to make a mark, when we roll into February! And that’s where we currently find ourselves, the focus this month is on: Black History Month, “Go Red” for Women’s Heart Health, School Safety, Muscular Dystrophy and Eating Disorders Awareness! 

I know it’s a little late in the game to begin your planning now, but it’s never too late to shine a light on one of these worthy topics- and one of the best ways we can bring awareness is through merch!

Where did you get that salad shaker? OH! I just love that t-shirt! That is a very handy _____ fill in the blank, “Every time I use it, I think about our work initiative to be heart healthy!” …well, that is the idea anyway.

Here are a few items that we love for February Awareness Campaigns:

1. Heart Shaped Hand Warmers MOQ: 200 PRICE: $1.65

Heart Shaped Hand Warmers
Activate these up to 300 times!

These handy little warmers can be activated by bending them with your hands, and then they fit snugly in your pocket to keep your hands warm on a cold day! Use these convenient warmers up to 300 times!! They have an imprint area that we used to share a marketing message- but you can use your logo if you wish. Sometimes a small, but very practical promo item can become your favorite- and these are one of ours! 

2. Red Hooded Sweatshirt! I love you, sweatshirt! MOQ: 1 PRICE: $17.99

Deep Red Heathered Sweatshirts
Heathered Sweatshirt with PosiCharge and Wicking!

Chances are, if you work in the corporate world, you have an event in February where you are required to wear red. We love this NEW Sport-wick ™ Deep Red Heather Fleece PosiCharge™ Pullover. The PosiCharge ™ technology locks in the colors so that it stays vibrant for next years ‘Wear Red’ event! This sweatshirt is doing double duty with moisture wicking ability and front pockets! Comes in a ladies’ and gents’ silhouette, and the sizing is an ample x-sm to 4-xl!

3. Fuji Lunch Gift Set MOQ: 12-24 PRICE: $44.42

Healthy Lunch Set
Gift Set with Bento Box & Tumbler. Also sold separately.

An estimated .5 to 3.7% of women suffer from anorexia nervosa at some point in their lifetime, and women are not the only victims of this mental illness. Awareness can include nutritional education, and advocacy. Taking some of the stigma away from eating disorders, and encouraging healthy habits can be a challenge. Sometimes opening up dialogue and allowing your peers to discuss their own encounters with healthy and unhealthy eating rituals can be a good place to begin. We love this Osaka™ Bento Lunch Box and Quench Tritan™ Hydration Bottle set! It comes in a gift box (both items are also sold separately) and is perfect for indoor and outdoor occasions!  For more information on eating disorders, visit: https://www.mirror-mirror.org/eating-disorders-statistics.htm

4. USB Diffuser with Clear Case and Magnet Closure MOQ: 25 PRICE: $13.70 https://www.snugzusa.com/produ...

You don’t have to be boring to bring awareness! More and more Americans are focusing on self-care- and trying wholistic methods to treat stress, anxiety, and even alleviate annoying symptoms of a cold! You can take aromatherapy everywhere with this NEW petite USB essential oil diffuser. Check out the video above to see how easy it is! 

5. Smashlight 360™ MOQ: 100 PRICE: $4.45

Smashlight 360
We love this new flat flashlight with a full imprint area!

Shine a light (literally) on your next awareness campaign with this incredible flashlight! With not one but TWO innovative imprint options, your artwork will GLOW when the light is activated!! Custom acrylic shapes are possible! The thin shape is eye-catching and features a slot in the rear of the light that makes this item perfect for wrist-chords, lanyards, and key chains! Low minimums at 100, and pricing starting at $4.45 make this item a no-brainer for your next awareness campaign!