You might think you’ve wondered into Rufus’ time machine phonebooth with Bill and Ted and you’ve come out in 1988. (Righteous Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure reference*) Because fashion is trending back to 1990’s nostalgia and hot on that trend-venture is the FANNY PACK! The fanny pack has actually been around for 5000 years***, but she’s making a comeback! 

At the PPAI show in Vegas this January the Fanny Pack, or Waist Belt (if you prefer) was totes the rage. This little accessory has been given credit for reviving the ever-declining accessory industry starting in 2018. 

According to USA TODAY**, “After two years of sales declines, the accessory industry is celebrating a big win. One of the industry’s champions? The fanny pack – yes, really.” In fact, total U.S. dollar sales of fashion accessories showed a 4% growth spurred on by the fanny pack fashion trend! (according to market research from NPD Group) Despite making up just 1% of all fashion-accessories sales, these little packs are responsible for almost a quarter of the industry’s growth! And we are seeing them in full regalia in the promo space!

BUT, before you mind conjures up an image of your parents in mom-jeans taking selfies at the resort- you might consider this new twist- Fanny Packs and Waist Packs have made a full migration to the shoulder pack!

They’re called “Sling Packs” and they are the fanny pack’s younger and more Prius driving, Google employee, grab and go must have accessory for 2019. But you don’t have to be a millennial to get into this trend. The Water Bottle Fanny Pack from Hit® is a great giveaway for cause marketing events or outdoor activities!

Another “Pack” trend we are seeing in our industry is the retro backpack. Like the Jansport®. This trend is also a nostalgic nod to the 90’s when Jansport® backpacks were the standard on campus. Another example of a trend in backpacks are the mini backpack. Origaudio™ has an adorable mini backpack called the “Beemini” that is perfect for buyers who are fashion conscience. This mini is not too compact to sport a water bottle and utility pocket for quick access to your phone or wallet. The durable black polyester and gold zippers make this mini a fresh update on the typical backpack for 2019.

Finally, a trend we can get all up into, is the dual-trend product!! Hot on the scene this year we’ve seen promo that does double duty! A sweatshirt that turns into a backpack, OGIO’s™ Convert Pack backpack that doubles as a messenger bag, and Origaudio’s™ Turlee Tote which functions as a backpack AND a tote bag. If we’ve learned one thing this year- PEOPLE ARE YEARNING FOR VERSITILITY! 

To recap, whether you like it or not, history is doomed to repeat itself, BUT it’s nice to know that future generations are making improvements!

AND, in the immortal words of the Beetles… Get Pack, Get Pack, Get Pack to where you once belonged. 




*** here is a GREAT little video about the History of the Fanny Pack!